The Republic of Malta is an island situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Less than half a million residents make it one of the smallest countries in the world. Malta has three islands – besides the main island of Malta there are Gozo Island and Comino Island. The smaller islands are popular because Hollywood, the BBC, and other production companies have filmed movies there – Gladiator, Troy, Munich, The Count of Monte Cristo, and also Byron and Coronation Street.

Malta is an island country and a popular summer destination where tourists usually come to enjoy the sea and party, but the truth is that Malta has much more to offer. Here you will find a list of things you can do and explore while you are on your vacation.

YT reporter Teodora Stojsin spent some time in Miami Beach earlier this year. This article is a short summary of her trip where she is giving few practical tips on what to see and where to eat on the US East Coast.

Greece is a really large country by its land area, and it has much to offer to everyone. In my articles I will introduce you to every one of the nine regions of Greece, their culture, customs, cuisine, and people. We will start with the regions, one by one, then move on to culture and cuisine.

Norway offers not just very organized systems for dealing with daily life and interesting customs, as you can read in the article Introducing Norway, the country also has magnificent and unique scenery and wildlife. There are more than a thousand fjords along the Norwegian coast, and seeing them makes you feel part of another universe. The Fjords of Western Norway are even noted on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. It is interesting to learn that 10 of the 30 tallest waterfalls in the world are found in Norway, and they are not just renowned for their beauty - most waterfalls in Norway are also used to generate energy. There are also many national parks in Norway, evergreen forests, fascinating rock formations, beautiful lakes and mountains, and of course, a seacoast all around the country. In almost every town or village you can find marvelous woodlands and parks that often surround lovely lakes where you can always find people relaxing and enjoying the scenery. Someone would say that Norway is nature’s paradise.

It is time to leave Plovdiv and get ready for new discoveries in Bulgaria. Our last two stops in the Balkans are the deserted village of Dyadovtsi and Nesebar, on the Black Sea coast.


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