Nevena Ivanović

Nevena Ivanović

Think about it, using emojis or emoticons in everyday written conversation has become a habit of ours, hasn’t it? If you just check your phone you will find that most if not all of your messages are full of emojis! Some messages even consist entirely of emojis! Emoticons are becoming so influential in everyday conversation that they have become a serious topic among linguists. It seems as if we’re traveling back in history, or maybe making a full circle from pictograms to hieroglyphs to phonemic lettering and now slowly but surely back to pictograms.

As we move on through the beautiful regions of Greece, we now stop at Thessaly. We are heading more towards the South now, so buckle up and enjoy the ride. Be ready to get an urge to pack your luggage and leave immediately for Thessaly . . . because, Greece is not only a good place for summer holidays, it is also great for any season.

Medieval Now

Do you ever think about how life must have looked in medieval times? How people dressed, how they looked, cooked, lived? Do you ever wish for a time machine? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you might be interested in a festival that I am about to review and describe for you.

Epirus is a region in northwestern Greece. Unlike Trace and Macedonia, Epirus is not located by the Aegean Sea, but on the Ionian, the sea that washes the west cost of Greece. Epirus is mountainous, like most of Greece, and really beautiful, and it offers all kinds of types of tourism – forests, mountain lakes, slopes, beaches, and a lot of cultural, historical, and religious sites; and if you are interested in sports, you can go rafting, canoeing, or kayaking.

We invite you to journey through Greece and the region of Macedonia. This is the largest region in Greece, however the geographical region of historical Macedonia is much bigger, covering parts of other countries including Bulgaria, FYRO Macedonia, and a small part of Albania. Macedonia is historically a very rich region as it offers much to see from all periods of the past.

Greece is a really large country by its land area, and it has much to offer to everyone. In my articles I will introduce you to every one of the nine regions of Greece, their culture, customs, cuisine, and people. We will start with the regions, one by one, then move on to culture and cuisine.

If you are a fan of art, especially modern art, then you might want to check out these famous museums if you happen to be in one of the cities where they are located. Modern art is art’s fight against the mainstream and against photography and film - that is why it usually goes into abstraction or is represented in many different ways and forms. It is always interesting to see something new that you may or may not like but that will never leave you feeling indifferent. And you will under no circumstance experience indifference at these museums.

Jak (ne)chápat feminismus

O feminismu se v poslední době hovoří hodně. Stále více lidí se také dovídá o nerovnosti mezi pohlavími. Mnoho slavných lidí, příkladně Emma Watsonová (vzor mnoha dívek a slavná herečka), Malála Júsufzajová (autorka vysoce populární knihy Já jsem Malála a držitelka Nobelovy ceny za mír), Beyoncé, Oprah Winfreyová a další, inspiruje mladé dívky a dokonce i chlapce k osobnímu zapojení v zájmu feminismu a rovněž boje za rovnoprávnost pohlaví.


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