Natalia Maiboroda

Natalia Maiboroda

People visit foreign countries for many reasons. Some like to relax on a sandy beach, some prefer to enjoy nature, and some seek to explore a different culture. There are also those who are interested in visiting sites of great historical importance. Even if you are not one of these people, you can be sure that, after reading this article, you will take away an interest in the top five places in Europe, and maybe even in the whole world, where the fates of nations were decided.

The Paradise Islands near Africa, with French title and the English capital. Prior to that, until 1770, only some unusual animals and birds lived here.

Out of the almost 200 recognized countries of the world, Cuba is the first one coming to mind, when speaking about the most social of them.

Far, far away, hidden amidst the jungles of Asia, is the Kingdom of Cambodia. Its ancient civilization developed on the banks of the legendary Mekong and long evaded the European pioneers. Despite its sad history, the Kingdom today greets its visitors with a hundred children's smiles.

If the Indian Ocean were a woman, then she adorns her neck with the most beautiful necklace – the Maldive Islands.

We arrived in Estonia to find that the Baltic coast was completely frozen. You could walk safely on the ice, if you managed to find a way to escape the dank wind.

Many have travelled to this land of sharp contrasts, from The Beatles to Steve Jobs, in search of creative freedom – and have found it. Even perennially swamped businesspeople have stayed on after what was supposed to be a weeklong trip to India, for several months, even a year. I know someone who decided to make a dash for India, having never been before, immediately after the crisis, and he travelled around on a month’s savings for six months. He would share this valuable piece of advice: don't plan and don’t book anything in advance because with some Indian cities, you want to get out of there as soon as possible, whereas with others, you want to stay on for an undetermined period of time. And as the county’s tourist slogan ‘Incredible India’ suggests, its first impression is guaranteed to shock.

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Chemal Altai’s Anthill

In the world there are many tourist spots associated with the word "gold", from the triangle and the waterfall, to the ring. In Russia, there is a mountainous region called Altai, whose name, in Turkic, means "gold mount". However, the main value of this distant place is not the precious metal produced there but its unspoilt nature.


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