Let them eat cake is what she is said to have famously spoken, condescendingly, when she was told the populace did not have bread to eat. Marie Antoinette who was born Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna to the royal family of Austria and by virtue of her marriage to Louis XVI, eventually became the last queen of France.

Russia has since history been one of the greatest powers in Europe except for some lean patches at certain intervals. In continuation of our series out of the closets of aristocracy, this time we talk about Catherine The Great, the Empress of Russia.

Diamonds have been glorified since modern history. The so called royalty, movie stars and the rich buy diamonds for show and pomp and also as investments. It is said there was a time one could walk along in South Africa and Botswana and kick diamonds as children do stones. So what made these gemstones a commodity to lust for?

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