Researchers just don’t let you be! Many years ago when I was little, I was told eggs are healthy, whole milk was good and lard was used regularly for cooking. Along the way, researchers came up with theories and results ‘proving’ otherwise. Although researchers mean well the problem is their studies keep contradicting each other. Let’s take a closer look.

Not bad at all, endowing oneself with and being known by such highfaluting and pretentious titles. Known as the Sun King and Great, Louis XIV of France was the longest reigning monarch ever. Continuing with our series revealing the skeletons in the closets of monarchy let’s delve a little into some aspects of the life of this Sun King.

20/11/2018 - 11:21 am

Foods with High Vitamin D Content

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The importance of vitamin D is indisputable. The simplest and the most serious health issues may originate with a lack of vitamin D.  Our grandmothers knew about this quite naturally and also understood the symptoms of lack of vitamin D; and yet, the knowledge got lost somewhere. Not only do we no longer benefit from this fundamental wisdom, but when we want to check up on our vitamin D level, we may hit a brick wall.

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