We've traveled to the highest spots, the stunning cliffs, the longest bridges... and now we‘ll explore the world's most captivating caves. Colossal spaces, giant stalactites, even entire landscapes are the common features of these subterranean places.

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11/9/2017 - 4:00 pm

Round Trip Down From London

England is a pretty country for one to spend it only in London. Just as you leave the borders of the city and you get a feel of the picturesque sights. Today we take you from London to Stonehenge and from there to the south to Brighton and Hove and back to London. This short drive of about 200 miles  opens up a diversity of sceneries. Check out our gallery.

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Writing an application is no easy task - mostly because one doesn’t know exactly what the person taking your application in to consideration is looking for. As Youth Time is a social organization that aims to help young people, here an overview of the main things our reviewers will be looking for.

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There are a very few rooms that should be left without plants. From the top of my head I would say, just the bedroom. Bathrooms are often dull looking, fulfilling their specific purpose, rather than being a beautiful and a relaxing oasis. The good news is that bathrooms are now brightening up and many want to give them an aesthetic feel. The damp and warm conditions of bathrooms often make them just right for tropical plants to trive in and even the most boring of them can be livened up. Here are options you may want to consider.

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Time travel is a huge topic right now. This Friday we decided to prepare for you an overview of 3 bloody amazing time-travel books.

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Be it mosquitoes, flies, ticks, or other odious insect that can ruin the best season of the year, the resistant little monsters are difficult to get rid of even with strong chemicals.  So how are the identifiable natural remedies doing in this uneven fight?

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While travelling, one needs a rest from time to time. Surrounded with greenery, the fragrance of flowers, and the sounds of chirping birds ... try some of these gardens and parks, which can add a bit of relaxation to your travels.

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17/8/2017 - 1:34 pm

Things Not to Throw Away

When it comes to throwing things away, I always face a dilemma when deciding whether an item will be of any use anytime soon. My father used to say that we would soon have to build an extra house for the spare items. I don't think the situation is that serious, but the combination of environmental issues and simple pity for used things makes me want to find a suitable use for many things that others would throw away. My credo, though, is to use them "once and enough" before they finally land in a trash bin, to prevent turning our home into a warehouse.

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Starting your own business is scary at any age, let alone when you are young. The fear of failure is so strong that many give up even before getting in front of the sketch board. This is why it is important to develop not just a viable business strategy, but a healthy work philosophy as well, one that will carry you through all the troubles you are bound to encounter somewhere along the way.

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Leigh Woods, Project Manager at Youth Time International Movement has spent the last few years exploring the globe in pursuit of some of its most spectacular wild flora and fauna. During his travels he has encountered a wide array of vulnerable and endangered species including the Black Rhinoceros, and the planet’s largest ever animal, the Blue Whale. During his time spent working with vulnerable teenagers in Rwanda, he ventured to the lush green hills of Volcanoes National Park, where he came face to face with the mountain gorilla.

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