Agata Mazepus

Agata Mazepus

Agata does not spend much time in one place - in the past three years she lived and studied in five European countries. She is an aspiring journalist writing mostly about travelling, culture, and politics. Holding a degree in International Relations from four Central European universities, she is interested in the societies of the Visegrad Four. True admirer of Scandinavian nature, Western philosophy, Central European literature, and Balkan lifestyle.

Let’s face it: wasting food is not benefitting anyone. It is not only bad for the environment and unethical, but also bad for your wallet. Need some tips on how to become a sustainable consumer? We have collected five of the most important ones to help you keep your meals free from waste.

Around 1.3 billion tonnes of food get lost or wasted annually around the globe. In a world where one in nine people suffers from chronic undernourishment, these numbers should not only shock but should cause an immediate reaction. Read on to discover some of the inspiring initiatives that aim to tackle the problem of food waste.

As countries report on the growing disengagement of students, bringing students into the educational process becomes a focus of attention for policy-makers and educators. What is student engagement, why are students disengaged, and how can we engage the disengaged?

Where is it acceptable to be late for dinner? In which country is a messy floor in a bar a good sign? Where should you slurp the soup? Read on to discover unusual dining customs from around the world.

Most Europeans share similar superstitions, such as fearing to walk under a ladder. However, each country also has its own signs of bad luck. Read on to discover some surprising European fallacies.

Did you know that each year approximately 500 billion cups of coffee are drunk around the world? However, not every cup is the same. Read on to discover the ways coffee is served in different parts of the world.

December is the month of holidays. Around the world, the various winter holidays may seem to bear no resemblance to each other, but they all focus on honoring togetherness and praising the individual countries' cultures. What are they, and how are they celebrated?

Krakow. Beautiful Old Town, fascinating history, charming Jewish district, international atmosphere, hipster coffee shops, cool clubs, great food. Yeah, maybe. But is it the best place in Poland? Perhaps for some. Is it the only one? Definitely not. Here are just a few of many that prove that there is more to Poland than its most-visited city.

What does it mean to be Russian? In fact, it may mean many different things, since Russian society is truly multi-ethnic. Russia is home to nearly 180 ethnic groups, out of which forty-one are considered indigenous. Here are some interesting facts about them.

When you think about the cultures of different countries, you definitely consider their literature, music, architecture, food, symbols, and customs. But did you know that many extraordinary cultural traits that can be spotted... during weddings? Here are five interesting examples of unique wedding rituals from countries around the globe.

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