“Accelerator” is arguably an overused term in the universe of startups, their first steps, and onwards. However, fostering growth or just surviving may be less “mission impossible” for a startup business with backstopping and mentorship from an accelerator programme.

Joystick has just opened in the centre of Prague and is the first video games bar in Czech Republic to serve up old school arcade machines, pinball machines and quality draft and craft beers. Founded and setup by friends Patrik Fiala (pictured right) and Tomáš Barth (left), the duo have spent almost three years turning their dream into a reality. We managed to catch up with the co-owner Patrik for an insight into the long journey which all started with his love of video games.

Today is not a normal school day. The classroom is a theatre auditorium; chairs become seats in the stalls; and the blackboard is a stage. Hundreds of high school students wait impatiently for the play to start. They have the feeling that they are about to see a different kind of theatre, one made for them, for young people. For many of them, this is their first time at the theatre, a rare pastime for Spanish youth.

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