In the era of 'AirBnb' and 'Uber' – enterprises that economists classify as part of the 'sharing economy' – there are travel sites that offer a functionality that is mostly based on online platforms to create spaces for selling services or products. These enterprises aim to connect businesses with market participants, not necessarily through physical activity, and of course this way of doing business is becoming more and more attractive to creative young people, and is helping them to find the innovative ideas that will fill the gaps in their everyday lives. And the guys who are the subject of this article are among these creative young adults. Raised and educated in Switzerland and Germany, they are working hard to impress the world with a very interesting and cool idea named 'Locamba'

As just one of many initiatives all around the world which promote and reward youth innovations and youth engagements on matters that concern sustainable development, the European Youth Awards 2016 have been announced. This year the categories in which participants from all parts of Europe competed were: Healthy Living, Smart Learning, Connecting Cultures, Go Green, Active Citizenship, Money Matters, Open Innovation and the Special Category for 2016 named: Migrations/Integration/Inclusion/Refugee Movement.

More and more, young professionals today are opting to work from co-working spaces, as the advantages of sharing facilities meet the changing needs of their professional lives. With co-working spaces on the rise, there is actually also a need for the people who take the initiative to open and run these facilities. Youth Time today speaks to finance graduate and experienced marketing executive Evgeny Frolov (28), the initiator behind the Krizovatka expat co-working space on Vaclav Square, right in the heart of the Prague. Find out what it takes to open a co-working space and all the things that come along with it.

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