When last time you screamed after someone: “Run Forest run!”? Or ended up in a complicated situation and found yourself whispering: “Houston, we have a problem”?

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The New Year is time for resolutions and goal setting for the upcoming year while also balancing the positive and the negative of the past year. Different countries and regions have their own special traditions for the New Year’s Eve and especially South America is known for massive parties and celebrations. South American NYE traditions are quite similar, which has to do with the region’s common history.

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In temperate countries, or countries that have the typical four seasons, winter holidays are closely associated with snow. Although English is the most universal language in the world and is believed to have a large vocabulary compared to other countries – there are only synonyms for words that are commonly used on a daily basis. That is why in English there is only one word for snow. But to a culture that spends every day in freezing harsh conditions a larger variety of words is required.

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Do you think it is right to organize children's activities through labor and monetary relations or should childhood remain as it used to be?

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A story told by our friend in an active search for a new girlfriend inspired our editorial office to conduct this experiment.

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