Looking for something to read this weekend? Orhan Pamuk is a Turkish author who won the 2006 Nobel Prize for Literature. His works have been translated into almost 60 different languages and are globally acknowledged. Here are 3 books that shed light on the works of one of the most prominent novelists.

Feminism as a literary expression is not a new concept. Women have found their voices in fiction, non-fiction, and modern story-telling. Literature is a sphere where women can think and do under their own conditions and terms. Although today's literature still has a fair number of sexist works, the feminist genre takes up more space on the bookshelves every day. Today, the center of the literary world can be the female experience and more women of all ages telling their stories in their own individual ways.

To understand literature and fundamental notions of human nature, one must read the classics. Not two, and not just five, but at least thirty classic novels. And then one must start reading contemporary authors. Creating the list below wasn't easy, but it surely highlights important universal works which every reader should peruse.

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