For the first weekend in December we have prepared for you movie picks focused on the satirical. The choices cover a broad spectrum consisting of comedies, grotesque films, and drama.  All are obviously criticizing one thing or another.

Cookies and Christmas simply go hand in hand, and cookies are always best when made at home. The fragrance of a just-baked batch of cookies, filling the room with the scent of clove or badyan, and the joy of a well done work that everybody will appreciate, is absolutely priceless. We have divided the baking project into three segments with one batch each week so that all will be done before Christmas Day. The first will be biscuits made with an old recipe - biscuits with hazelnuts. Fairly simple but unbeatable.

Christmas time was always considered magical, and eventually Christmas took on a nearly fairy tale atmosphere.  And that meant that romantic souls would work to achieve the perfect Christmas ambience. And as we all know, some places have that already... so which are those splendid Christmas destinations? The answers are right below.

Brands, well some of them are seriously thought of and at times it takes months to arrive at the decision to name one´s product or service. Other times, these are just accidental. Let´s have a look at some of the major brands and how they came into being.

With our last article on university cities, we followed up on earlier articles about the Czech Republic and Austria by traveling to the third country on our list, beginning our exploration of Germany with a look at Munich. This week we have examined the scholastic possibilities of the German capital of Berlin. But because life is not just about study, let’s check out what all can be done in Berlin outside the classroom.

As we enter the last month of this year, we bring you another list of our regular festival events in various locations. Don´t miss the unique opportunity to go on one of these exciting events.


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