The world is a place of constant change. All kinds of monumental creations are experiencing the irreversible ravages of time. This is sometimes, unfortunately, speeded up by the actions of people. Today we will visit a few monuments that, for various reasons, have started vanishing a little faster that they should have.

The fact that forbidden fruit tastes the best can be traced a long way back in a history. Nevertheless the concept doesn’t seem to be very well understood by the authorities. If it were, perhaps we wouldn't have the topic for today to write about, because this week's movie picks are all about films that have been banned in various parts of the world which may have actually added to their viewership. After all, any publicity is better than no publicity.

The latest YT event - Youth Global Forum - is approaching fast just little a less than two weeks from now, YT will, this time, hold the event in the fabulous city of Paris, and during one of the best times of the year, just before Christmas. We hope you will enjoy it there and in the meantime here is a summary of interviews with the speakers attending the Global Forum.

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