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24/7/2018 - 11:43 am

The Most Impressive Crop Circles

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There are theories, but where they come from is not completely clear. Some believe that these are messages from other civilisations in other galaxies; other theories speak of the Earth‘s energies, even military experiments or even the forces of Heaven. And of course there is the opinion that crop circles were definitely created by humans. Whichever way it is, the ornamental beauty, usually appearing overnight, is worth an argument.

Sixpenny Handly, Dorset. 5th june 2018/ Photo: Shutterstock

Inside of a mysterious crop circles,  Loehningen, Schaffhausen, Switzerland, July, 2012 / Photo: Shutterstock

Crop circle at Rasiting, Bavaria, Germany / Photo: Shutterstock

Wiltshire UK/ Photo: Shutterstock

Photo: Crop Circle West Of Winchester / Henry Burrows

Crop circle near Badbury Rings / Photo: Jim Champion

Bicycle crop circle / Photo: Kirsten Comandich

Crop circles, Castle Hill, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire / Photo: Helena

Crop circles in Turin, Italy / Photo: Shutterstock

Crop circle at Rasiting, Bavaria, Germany, 08. August 2014 / Photo: Shutterstock

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