12/10/2018 - 3:46 pm

Best Movies About Earth

For this weekend we have films for you, some of them just awesome and others thought provoking. These are films one can repeat watching every once in while. We hope you’ll enjoy them.

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5/10/2018 - 3:52 pm

The Greatest Mafia Movies

This weekend‘s movie tips will be dedicated to action movies from the world of mafia guys and mafia clans. Get ready for some real stars and the best films from this genre.

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Doctor Zhivago, Pride and Prejudice, or Romeo and Juliet. It is a well known fact that all these were based on literary works. The link connecting the films from this weekend‘s movie picks with books is the same - they are all film adaptations from books, except the literary derivations are less known in these instances.

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21/9/2018 - 3:46 pm

The Most Iconic Series

The production of new series is now moving at a high speed. Whether the new show will be a success or a flop is usually obvious within a few episodes. Nevertheless, some series have become really iconic and unforgettable. Check out the best of them.

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12/9/2018 - 3:37 pm

Movies Set In Courtrooms

Following up on our summer series of the best movies from past decades, it is time to return to our customary, thematic approach to movies. Today we start with films that capture the environment of the courtroom, whether these are based on true stories or are fictional.

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The advantage of the last decade to be featured in our summer movie series is that there are still some great movies to go. Nevertheless, we have managed to choose the best as of today. This week we are closing this series, and beginning this coming week you can look forward a new movie topic every week.

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31/8/2018 - 2:19 pm

Best Movies from the 2000s

Our movie series, dedicated to exploring an entire century decade by decade, is approaching the end, and we are now reporting on the last completed decade to this date – in the Millenium. Many great movies were produced during this decade, leaving a legacy of high standards for the coming decades to aspire to match.

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The Nineties – the next decade in our series of weekly movie picks for the summer - were a fruitful decade as regards the film industry. Some important milestones were set, and some iconic movies were produced. Welcome to the Nineties.

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13/8/2018 - 12:55 pm

Best Movies From The Eighties

Another week has passed, and we are moving into the next decade. For the eighties we have chosen a generous list of movie picks. In addition to the films we haven´t presented yet, we are also including some of those that have appeared in some of our previous articles, but which meet the condition of being among the best movies of this decade.

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The summer is already in its second half, and so are we with our weekly tour through the decades of the film industry. This weekend we offer a rich selection of the best movies from the seveties. You won't be disappointed.

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