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Summer Baking - Options With Fruits

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Even though the temperature goes up during the summer, the craving for sweet is still there. Thankfully there are many possibilities on baking deserts that are light. How? With fruits. Check out our recommendations for summer baking.


The combination of heavenly meringue, whipped cream and fresh fruit.

Example of a recipe here


Cheesecakes offer an inexhaustible scale of variations. Just choose what§s perfect for you.

Example of the recipe for the cheesecake from our previous article.

Fruit pie

Is another option when you have a sweet tooth.

Example of a recipe for a cherry pie here.

In the category of pies wouldnt be out of place to mention the unmistakable taste of rhubarb and rhubarb pie with crumbs.

Here‘s a recipe for a rhubarb pie.

Fruit tarts

Can be small tarts or one large. It all depends on the imagination.

Recipe for tarts here.

French charlotte

One of the simplest summer deserts.

Recipe for French charlotte here

Apricot and Almond Tart

Tart from puff pastry and so easy.

Recipe for apricot and almond tart here.

And for those who cannot do without chocolate, here is the light version with cherries.

Chocolate cake with cherries

Example of a recipe here.

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