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Popularity Is Dangerous - Legendary Kopi Luwak Coffee - Exploiting Animals!

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Luwak (civet cat) eating coffee bean Luwak (civet cat) eating coffee bean

Probably the most expensive coffee – at US$700 per kilo – comes from the most unusual production process. Judge for yourself: Coffee cherries are eaten by the Asian palm civet, then defecated, and the coffee beans collected from the fecal matter and roasted. Traditionally produced in Sumatra, Java, or Indonesia, the beans used to be collected from civets living in the wild, however . . . as the demand for Kopi Luwak Coffee rose, the coffee business adapted. So Asian palm civets are now kept in captivity, in miserable living conditions, in cages, and badly fed.

Luwak Coffee - the world most expensive coffee

Yes, this is it... the valuable product from Asian palm civets

The three phases of Kopi Luwak Coffee - the fecal matter of cibets - cleaned coffee cherries - and roasted coffee beans

Coffee beans roasting

Final step - coffee grinding

The most expensive coffee has its own preparation ritual in coffee syphon

Civets are wild animals and their diet is variable

While in captivity they often have unilateral diet leading to health problems

The life in captivity also reflects on the mental state of the animals

Asian Palm Civet in cages

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