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Collecting Mania - Which One Is Yours?

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Back in the day, collecting postage stamps was a hobby.  Today, it can be a lucrative business, with investment potential, in some cases. Some of the rarest stamps can fetch spectacular amounts of money.  A "One Cent magenta" stamp, for example, was sold in 2014 for US$ 9 480 000. Postage stamps, however, are not the only items people like to collect.  Collectibles can include anything from beer maths to match boxes, dolls, car models or even coupons. And to top it all off, they all have names. Which collecting obsession is yours?

Tegestologist - Collects beer mats.

Plangonologist - Collects dolls.

Arenophile - Collects samples of sand.

Sucrologist - Collects the small sugar sachets in restaurants or cafes.

Philatelist - Collects above mentiond postage stamps.

Phillumenist - Collects match boxes.

Deltiologist - Collects postcards.

Numismatist - Collects coins.

Coupouning - is an area of collecting supermarket coupons for discounted or free goods.

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