While travelling, one needs a rest from time to time. Surrounded with greenery, the fragrance of flowers, and the sounds of chirping birds ... try some of these gardens and parks, which can add a bit of relaxation to your travels.

The People of Bali believe everything in the world has a soul. A tree, a flower, a teacup, or a book, and especially hand made creations. Their whole philosophy revolves around this belief. What guides them is a motto: Do not ask for - give. The humility, grace, and generosity of the Balinese followed us wherever we went, teaching us crucial life lessons on our 15 day journey. We kept them in the back of our minds, but somehow, we forgot how important they were. Life doesn’t have to be complicated if you live in accordance with yourself - most of all, in accordance with your soul.

Made, Adi, Komang, Ade, and other friends from this remote paradise island were unforgettable teachers.

And we thank them for that.

Czech National Parks are known for their specific beauty. Now, at the end of the summer, it is the perfect time to visit them. Don´t know where to start? Stay with us and we will guide through them all. The only thing you have to do then is to pick up good shoes and get started.

Summer is still going on, hot and sunny. If you haven’t yet been to the sea, or if you want a somewhat different approach to a summer holiday, here are some options for you. There are lots of interesting opportunities and among them are amazing lakes which are no less interesting and are good for swimming and spending a summer holiday on the shore. The tourist infrastructure of many lakes is very developed and can accommodate many visitors. The entertainment possibilities of such places are also significant. In this guide, read about alternative summer spots such as lakes.

Leigh Woods, Project Manager at Youth Time International Movement has spent the last few years exploring the globe in pursuit of some of its most spectacular wild flora and fauna. During his travels he has encountered a wide array of vulnerable and endangered species including the Black Rhinoceros, and the planet’s largest ever animal, the Blue Whale. During his time spent working with vulnerable teenagers in Rwanda, he ventured to the lush green hills of Volcanoes National Park, where he came face to face with the mountain gorilla.

For some a daily necessity, for others a tourist attraction. Suspension bridges are travel destinations that are only for the strong at heart. What are the scariest ones in the world?  We‘ll find out in today´s article.

When the temperatures reach tropical weather highs, the best thing to do is to pack and head towards water. Here are two large water bodies you could escape to. Both on the Vltava river.

Epirus is a region in northwestern Greece. Unlike Trace and Macedonia, Epirus is not located by the Aegean Sea, but on the Ionian, the sea that washes the west cost of Greece. Epirus is mountainous, like most of Greece, and really beautiful, and it offers all kinds of types of tourism – forests, mountain lakes, slopes, beaches, and a lot of cultural, historical, and religious sites; and if you are interested in sports, you can go rafting, canoeing, or kayaking.

Almost every year there is at least one such news about someone who traveled to an unintended destination because of two or more places having the same name. I wonder if some of these people eventually explored their unplanned destinations which might have been well worth it. For them and all of you,  here are a few examples.

The series of articles about travel discoveries continues and today we take you on a sacred visit to the homes of deities. As the highest places were often linked to the Gods, we will visit several mountains dedicated to a certain God or Gods.


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