It has been some time since our last movie quiz, so here is a new one. This time we will check your knowledge of movie locations. Some of these places are so unique that the link with the movies they served will immediately come to you. For easier recollection there are usually two photos for each movie. Explore our gallery of film locations and you can compare your results in Friday's movie picks.

The sight I saw when I woke up in the middle of the night was hilarious and panic-inducing, both. My friend, with whom I shared a tent, was pointing with her torch to the spot where the dimensional silhouette of a hippo could be seen – a sight almost as impressive as the animal drawings in the Lascaux cave in France, but with just one small problem: the tent canvas separating us was way too thin.

For all those who want to try a brand new experience on October 31, this Halloween you might consider visiting one of the reportedly haunted places around the world. Haunted or paranormal places are often connected with unfortunate events, such as murders, and it is an individual question whether you believe the stories are real or figments of someone‘s imagination. The best is to judge for yourself.

A little girl with a gigantic basket full of bananas on her head had followed us since the moment we entered Kabale. Finally she reached us at the gas station. Her basket approached us at eye level before she showed up, too. She had plenty of spunk and a strong voice, though, to offset the unimportant inconvenience of her stature. "Why is she driving?", she asked, looking at Sam and nodding towards me. "Why not", he answered. Apparently not happy with such a simple explanation, she came back with another naughty question/statement: "But you are the man, no?"

On a September morning we woke up early to follow the path of the lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park. This series of articles will take you on our safari to Uganda in the form of a  photogallery accompanied by short narrative fragments. The weather was not exactly favourable to us, since a slow but persistent rain was falling. We managed to spot other animals, but nowhere did we catch a glimpse of the lions.  Then, when the rain finally stopped, we got lucky.  At last, a golden silhouette was approaching from afar.

Let me introduce you to Oman, an unfairly underrated country in the Middle East. Disproportionate attention is given to the UAE, Qatar, and other countries in the region. Oman, in contrast, is rarely noted despite fact that it offers a lot.

Least Traveled Destinations

It is wonderful to experience the glitter and glory of the top tourist spots. On the other hand, the advantage of the least visited places is obvious. Since the number of tourists hardly exceeds a hundred thousand a year at secondary locations, the odds of crawling through crowds of people who have had the idea of coming at the exact same time are next to nil. Check out the most infrequently visited holiday destinations.

As a commemoration of today, which is  Columbus Day and celebrated in several countries, we will take you on a trip which is indeed a trip to nowhere - traps in maps. With these copyright traps deliberetely inserted by cartographers, the journey with these maps is actually what Christopher Columbus might have experienced. Have a look at places that are no more than just names in maps.

For all those daring spirits who like to test their limits, overcoming the jagged terrain of the greatest canyons may be the right idea for active relaxation. To make a start, here is a list of a few canyons that will take your breath away.

We continue exploring the Middle East. Since we have given you a short intro into sights and culture of the UAE, it is time to visit another country in the region. You never know when you will have a chance to come to the Middle East again, and it is useful to have in mind what you should see. It is time, therefore, for Bahrain - one of the smallest and richest countries in the world. Bahrain is a small archipelago in the Persian Gulf located between Saudi Arabia and Qatar.


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