The British film and television producer Duncan Kenworthy, whose successes include the cult film Love Actually, is coming to the International Film Festival Febiofest in Prague. Among the other 30-plus international guests will be the leading Danish actor Ulrich Thomsen and the Serbian actor Lazar Ristovski, known for roles including the lead in Kusturica’s Underground.

First-graders sit at desks in a small school and stare blankly at their teacher. They are not stupid; they simply do not understand her. Steward, Elizabeth and M’barak are three first time school pupils in rural Zambia who struggle to make sense of an educational system where the language they speak at home is different from the language used in the classroom.

If the announcements so far are any indicators, the year 2017 will be full of extraordinary music events all around Europe. As spring is approaching and cold weather is behind us, we cannot wait for some great live music of different genres in open air concerts all across the continent. Hoping that you are as excited as we are about the live music of 2017, we have drawn up a top 4 list of this year’s ultimate European music events, which have already released preliminary information about their programs.

One World, the world famous human rights film festival, was established in Prague nineteen years ago. Organized by the People in Need organization, the festival has grown into the largest human rights documentary film festival in the world.

Prague plays host to an incredible range of cultural events, which makes it very difficult to choose what to see and where to go. However, despite being known for „high culture“, such as world-class museums, theatre, and opera performances, Prague is also a city where you can find a lot of alternative cultural events. Here is our selection of Prague's finest for all culture-loving readers of Youth Time. 

If your first association when you think of "street art” and "Germany" is Berlin, stop and read this article. The beautiful city of Dresden in southeastern Germany has its own street art scene and boasts some stunning graffiti that rival murals found in much bigger cities. But even though the scene is less developed than in other European street art Meccas, Dresden’s street art is well worth a visit.

European Capitals of Culture, launched in the summer of 1985, is a project that is but one phase in a broader promotion of European cultures. Designation as a European Capital of Culture is meant to serve as a catalyst for transforming the cities so honored by encouraging cultural development and tourism. Each calendar year, the European Union names two cities as European Capitals of Culture, and during that year there are many cultural events in the chosen places. This is a great chance for the designated cities to get in the center of attention, become bridges of communication, gain social and economic benefits, and become locations where international activities take place. With this kind of approach, diversity of cultures and common efforts for mutual understanding can be encouraged.

How to use all the technical advantages of the XXI century and remain the first and the best? This and many other questions were answered by communication specialists from Google, The Economist, CNN International, BBC News, Wochit, Czech radio, Radio Liberty, and many others during the News Impact Summit, which was held in Prague in mid-October.

Over five days, in the second half of October, with 81 films from 23 countries and 8 continents – the world’s oldest and most prominent environmental film festival took place, at last, in Prague. In this article you will find the newest and deepest environmental films from directors from Norway, the UK and Slovakia.

Best Festivals In October

Another month has passed, and we are entering October with its new collection of best festivals all around the World. Don´t miss an opportunity to enjoy yourself with your friends. Scroll down and read more.


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