Are you young entrepreneur? Join our network. International Movement Youth Times' new and rejuvenated venture 'Youth Map' is already up and running with ideas and innovations from our members and beyond advancing at an unprecedented rate. Here we have created an exciting blueprint for the future of international cooperation at every level of the 'food chain'; from young entrepreneurs with a unique concept that may change the world, to dynamic organistations with the capacity to put a plan in motion.

Do you think it is right to organize children's activities through labor and monetary relations or should childhood remain as it used to be?

The Youth Time magazine has collected several tips for unusual and useful ways to utilize stationery.  A fork, clip or a dinosaur made out of bulldog clips could make a great outlet for your creativity and guarantee your colleagues’ adoration.

Who or what forms our opinion regarding the events that are happening around us? We cogitate about that quite often, but we rarely put our conclusions to a test, somehow believing that our judgments occur naturally on the basis of brain activity.

For most people, getting an education means getting diploma. But what if the traditional process is only the very tip of a huge ice-berg?

Fred Burks served for eighteen years as a high level translator for several American Presidential administrations specializing in Indonesian and Mandarin Chinese. Following 9/11 and the advent of the global War on Terror he became recognized as a crucial asset in the Bush administrations’ dealings with Indonesia, the worlds’ most populous Muslim country.


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