Community arts workers help local people, whether as a group or as individuals, to use art as a form of personal development and improvment. Often the sectors to be addressed are communities with social, cultural, or environmental problems, such as young people, homeless people, disabled people, ethnic minorities, the elderly, or drug or alcohol addicts. The range of works covers crafts, dancing, film, creative writing, music, and others.

An age-old form of body decoration, which over the years has been acceptable and not acceptable to varying degrees, is seen today across a broad spectrum of the population. How does one become a tatoo artist? That´s what this article is all about. Scroll down and find out more, including a video of Tattoo Artist Kim Saigh

The pace of life is speeding up every day, and no wonder there are so many people stressed and unhappy with their situation. Is it a good time to stop and think? How about if there is a profession that is based on the exact opposite - calm and peace? Yes, we are talking about today´s unusual profession - Yoga Instructor. Relax, and continue reading.

If you have a sense for aesthetics and design, take note now, there might be an opportunity for you to take your career in a new direction with today's unusual profession - an Exhibition Designer. Scroll down and get ready for a career change.

Interpersonal skills, impartiality, the ability to maintain confidentiality, competence, and many others. These are just few of the qualities required for today´s featured profession - Advice worker. Scroll down and find out more.

From the 15th till the 20th of August 2016, Youth Time organized its sixth consecutive Summer School. This year the event was realized in Beijing, in close cooperation with the reputable China Soong Ching Ling Foundation. It was Youth Time’s second Summer School organized outside of Europe and it has become a memorable one. Hosted in spectacular facilities, 30 international and 20 Chinese participants, coming in total from 25 different nations, were offered a rich cultural program and a diverse working schedule.


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