For many years, higher education institutions have been considered the main societal destination for people seeking knowledge and degrees that will help them find jobs. Colleges and universities all around the world are enduring a crisis of faith among the public.

Interview with elements of analysis of modern educational system told by an ordinary Czech fellow. Jakub Studeny is also known under the stage name IronKap. He is a young teacher of computer science and economics and a rapper in the one skin. Back in the day he had worked in the economic department of a large pharmaceutical company in Prague, but he didn’t enjoy that job at all. A successful musician decided to become a teacher and devote part of his life to profession, which, as you know, is something more than just an ordinary job. Basically, we asked Kuba (short for Jakub) about whether anything changes in his looks when IronKap appears as a teacher or if the teaching career influences his popularity in music.

Jean-Claude Juncker, the new president of the European Commission launched an attack against the British prime minister of ‘beating up’ poorer migrants who are legally seeking to earn a living in the UK. 

Is it possible to achieve a professional level in any craft without acquiring the classical education in its traditional understanding? It’s not about the extraordinarily gifted and talented individuals. It’s about the system. Let’s take the technical professions out of consideration and turn our attention instead to artists. What does it take for an actor to become a professional? Natural talent? An acting school? A wise mentor? How to become a top notch filmmaker? By attending a film school? With the help of family or community?

For most people, getting an education means getting diploma. But what if the traditional process is only the very tip of a huge ice-berg?

The Singaporean company Wealth-X and the largest Swiss bank UBS AG have published the results of the “census” of billionaires for the year 2014. 

In the second half of the 20th century the Internet appeared in our lives as a new-born. And the world suddenly changed. No matter what country or even continent you’re from, you’re most likely registered on Facebook, a lot are playing World of Warcraft or any other online game, blogging for a lot became another figment of self.

Opinion of the YT contributor and a founder of the "Council," a think-tank for The Internet of Things Rob van Kranenburg

On Erasmus you find so many couples that you feel it would be more appropriate to name this study exchange programme after the god, Cupid.


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