We learned to ignore the currency as it daily passes through our hands. Therefore we usually fail to identify rare collector’s pieces worth much more than their nominal value or a deceitful counterfeit that could get us to jail.

Europe's role in financing and implementing sustainable development aids dropped dramatically. The largest cuts in aid were seen in Portugal (23%), Cyprus (12.5%) and Greece (10%).

In the future, your robot will download personalities just as easily as you download apps. Straight from the pages of your favorite sci-fi novel, many consumers will have their first face to face encounters with robots in 2015. Everyday the world is moving closer to a future in which robots are inextricably linked to our daily lives. Turning this dream into a reality is none other than tech giant, Google whose recent acquisitions of multiple robotics firms and patents prove that they are leading the pack.

What is public opinion and how it is different from a totality of individual judgments? Why it sometimes seems that we overreached ourselves? To find the answers read new Youth Time magazine's analytics article on the topic.

Inspiration lies within us. At least for powerful people it does. A new study shows that influential people draw inspiration from their own experiences and not from those of others.

The spread of childfree-ideology, freedom, and bringing up "citizens of the world" - what does it all lead to? To the strengthening of minority rights? Obviously. To the extension of freedom? Definitely. To increasing the level of tolerance in society? Oh, yes! And finally, to broadening the outlook of the young and affirming their independence? Maybe. There is only little problem. This free, liberal, tolerant, educated, and independent person will eventually die.

Charity has always been an integral part of every culture, no matter what phase of development it was going through. To help your neighbour is a covenant which has gone far beyond religious dogma and has even turned into a philosophy of life for some people. On Christmas and New Year’s Eve people try to do as many good things as they can. But what happens afterwards, when Santa Claus and the angels go on vacation?

When last time you screamed after someone: “Run Forest run!”? Or ended up in a complicated situation and found yourself whispering: “Houston, we have a problem”?

Mankind today is facing the consequences of astonishing progress in technology and information. In recent years even traditionally violent regions in Europe – have achieved a degree of relative political stability in the face of daunting challenges. Kosovo, however – a Balkan state is still not able to enjoy full freedom of movement on a par with other European countries.


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