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Youth Time magazine is released by the eponymous international youth organization with the aim of providing an alternative international discussion platform. This publication is created by youth for youth and is an excellent information space for the young educated intelligence of the world.
In addition to the magazine a social media platform was launched where there is a unique opportunity to receive the latest news, become acquainted with interesting blogs, and find the different language versions of the magazine.
Do not deny yourself the pleasure of discussing the film and theme groups, as well as access to new versions of Youth Times’ exclusive interviews.

About Youth Time Magazine

Published: Prague, Czech Republic
Circulation: 28,000 copies
Frequency: every other month
Size: 84 pages
Languages: English, Russian

Target Audience: students; graduate students; youth activists and youth organizations; young professionals; employers interested in young, promising professionals; young people who want to make contacts with talented peers as well as role models from other generations.

Our Readership: The majority of our readers are from 20 to 35 years of age. Of these, 43% are women, 57% are men. 35% are undergraduate and graduate students, 31% are young professionals, 22% are youth leaders and activists, 9% are employers, and 3% are high school students.

Our Objectives

  • To inform young people about life in different countries;
  • To serve as an authoritative source of information for individuals concerned with talented young people;
  • To demonstrate a positive model for engaging and solving the problems faced by young professionals;
  • To create guidance for young people, to educate them in regard to their ability to engage in a dialogue with other cultures and generations.

Result Achieved

In the very short time since the first issue of Youth Time was released in October 2010, we have already achieved significant results. From an obscure journal, we have gained a devoted readership and found a niche in the media market. Youth Time is now available in retail stores. Our magazine can be purchased in the largest cities in the Czech Republic, Germany and Russia. We are currently researching the possibility of distributing our publication into other European countries.

Content Summary

  • Dialogue of Generations: dedicated to the life history of different generations within one family. Generally published in interview form.
  • Youth of the World: discusses the most pressing global problems facing today’s youth.
  • Note to Travelers: profiles the most interesting countries, cities, and resorts in the world. Contains advice for travel planning and tourists.
  • Ideas and Projects: provides information on the most interesting and vibrant initiatives, ideas and projects currently being developed and implemented either by youth or for youth.
  • Society and the Internet: showcases the latest trends, projects, and entertainment on the web.
  • Where to Study? Assists our readers in selecting a college and advises them on the application process. Includes information about job vacancies, paid courses, etc.
  • Announcement: lists the most interesting international seminars, workshops, conferences and festivals for young people.

Julia Kinash
“Our goal is to create a platform for dialogue
between the youth of different European coun­tries,
as well as dialogue between the generations.”

Julia Kinash
Youth Time International Movement

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